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Dec 16, 2015

Each year Vik Retreats is home to guests from all over the world, each of who arrives with their own interesting story. Recently we had the opportunity to host actors, Alice Braga and Daniel de Oliveira as they filmed, “Latitudes” at Estancia Vik José Ignacio.

“Latitudes” is a modern love story shot in eight beautiful locations including Paris, Venice, Buenos Aires, London, Istanbul and our beloved José Ignacio. Olivia (Alice Braga of City of God) and José (Daniel de Oliveira) meet on a business trip and then randomly encounter each other as they travel throughout the world. Secretive one-night stands ensue until they are forced to cope with real life challenges that await them outside of their bubble. Latitudes - José Ignacio Trailer

“Having Daniel de Oliveira and Alice Braga at our properties was fun and intense. They are very professional and shot from 5:00am until very late in the night. Despite the long shooting hours, we had some time to eat, drink and chat. Both are interesting but also very easygoing people. We had a great time together!”

Max Broquen, Director of Vik Retreats