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Dec 23, 2015

We are pleased to announce the 2011 vintage of VIK wine was recently awarded a rating of 97 points from La Cav, a well-respected Chilean wine publication in the first official rating of VIK. The rating results from a blind tasting by some of Chile’s most experienced wine industry professionals

The panel of judges included the Editor of La Cav, Alejandro Jimenez, journalist Ana Maria Barahona, winemaker Sergio Correa, and sommelier Ricardo Grellet. Several Chilean wines were evaluated in the blind tasting. In the first round of the judging, varietals, valleys and prices were exposed and during the next round, a double blind test, all details were removed. VIK was awarded 97 points, one of the top two scores of the tasting.

This represents a remarkable accomplishment for VIK 2011, the first vintage released to the market, a wine made from just four year old vines. This award bodes well for the future of VIK and its singular goal of entering the pantheon of the great wines of the world.

Commenting on the 2011 vintage of VIK in the most recent issue of Decanter, one of the most respected publication in the industry, an award winning wine writer Michael Apstein said, "The 2011 VIK is an extraordinary wine, especially considering the young vines. It has a real Bordeaux sensibility and finesses, yet it is quintessentially Chilean."

It is very rewarding for us to have experts in the wine world recognize and appreciate the successful efforts of the VIK winemaking team!

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